Stef And Julie

Stefanie is joined by her pal Julie Kasem for this week’s episode after Lynette was unable to record due to her dentistry appointment not going quite as smoothly as she’d hoped. Stef and Julie open the show talking about struggling with trying to help the kids with their math homework. Then they talk a bit about potty training. After that, Julie talks about being the president of her schools Parent Teacher Fellowship, which leads into a discussion on how weird it used to be for children’s parents to be at their school during learning hours. Before they wrap, the ladies take your Facebook questions.

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Producer: Gary Smith
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  1. Julie is great! Can she be my mom? LoL
    Please have her on more often!!!

    Keep up the great work Lynette and Stef!

  2. Good episode! I really like Julie, she sounds like a lot of fun to hang out with. A good show you guys should look up for your kids (it’s on Netflix streaming) is the “Hardy Boys/Nancy Drew Mysteries” – we’ve been watching it here. And did you know, Julie, your dad guest-stars on one of the episodes? As a bad guy in a spooky episode that also involved the detectives going on the “Universal Studios” tour! Brought back such 70s memories!

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