Singles Edition: Paul Gilmartin

Paul GilmartinPaul Gilmartin stops by to talk to Alison Rosen and Lynette Carolla about relationships, ‘Deleted Tweets’ and a round of ‘Just Me or Everyone’.

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Executive Producer: Mike August
Producer/Audio Engineer: Gary Smith
Web Engineering: Mike Cioffi


  1. I loved Gina, love Alison too and really love Lynnette. It would be nice to still have Gina occassionally. Thanks for no psychics this week. Adam must’ve loved the advice on Molly.

  2. Hey Guys! I really enjoyed your show today. I love the Alison/Lynette vibe. Love Ace’s show and FCOL (kid version). I’m married w/ kids, but Singles edition was lots of fun and nice to have a brain break from kid talk and an Ace alternative.

    Love this format best so far πŸ™‚

  3. More Alison is always a good thing! I hope this show continues this same way.

  4. Thanks for an hour of rich listening!

    Alison, you are a comfortable “host” and lead the conversation handily. Paul Gilmartin was a terrific guest, and your rapport with him made the show very comfortable and familial. The segments were clever and allowed everyone to speak openly.

    Cheers on more great programming to comeβ€”

  5. What a wonderful episode!
    Alison is a terrific host, such a natural. I agree that the more Alison, the better, and Lynette- you were so perfect, so tactful and sweet to everyone, and Paul was a great guest. I have already been a fan of his podcast and think Alison and Paul have a great rapport as well.
    Loved it!
    Alison, good luck on your surgery- you’ll be fine! You’ll be in my thoughts and good wishes.
    Poor Paul- 8-10 surgeries under general anethesia? Wow.

  6. Alison Rosen says:

    Thanks so much, everyone!

  7. 40yoldvirgin says:

    Loved this podcast with Alison Rosen, I just subscribed to the Paul Gilmartin podcast too. I’m clicking through Amazon to support you guys! Keep up the good work!

  8. I loved this podcast! Gina just talked way too much and was really overpowering. Really liking the Lynette and Alison singles edition.

  9. I was giving this podcast once last chance before I unsubscribed, good thing I stuck it out because the Alison/Lynette duo seems just right.

  10. Alison always makes me laugh! Gina just laughs at everything Gina says and after 10 minutes it gets old.

  11. Best show so far! Alison is great — so funny and real = relatable. Awesome pod πŸ™‚

  12. I loved this podcast! I can’t believe it’s taken this long to figure out that Alison would be an awesome addition to the PTE/FCOL show. I hope you guys keep this format as is, and thanks for ditching the 30 minute psychic segment. Keep up the great work πŸ™‚

  13. Great show! I love Alison and Lynette together. I loved the topics that you discussed and I share Alison’s love of Mental Illness Happy hour. It’s an amazingly honest podcast.

  14. I used to love TPE back when Theresa was on it and since her departure it’s been very hit or miss. The singles edition also seemed to make no sense and I couldn’t even listen to the first few… But yesterday while killing time waiting for my baby to wake up from a nap in the car I was desperate to listen to something and put this on and it was so much fun! Alison was great and very natural. The recent episode with Greg Fitzsimmons was also super funny. I’m not sure where the format is going but thus direction is a good one πŸ™‚

  15. wazeaway71 says:

    This is going to be the next best show on The Ace Network.
    Great rapport between Lynette and Alison.
    It was funny, thought provoking, edgy, and the hosts were open to anything.
    Look out, Ace, you’ve got some competition!

  16. Loved the podcast! Thank you for not putting in psychic stuff.

  17. TeamAlison says:

    I don’t even want to listen anymore unless Alison is on! She is soooo needed, and the ONLY partner that Lynette needs. I mean, she’s actually funny and interesting as a partner…That is IF Adam is okay with Lynette borrowing her… And of course Paul was adored as usual β™₯ I would go easy on the music drops for the segments, though, it was a little much-

  18. I also really liked the vibe between Alison and Lynette! I agree that with Gina on the show, she dominates too much and I didn’t feel like I heard enough of Lynette. And I also agree that you should continue without the psychic!

  19. Oh thank God! Now I feel safe to download this episode and listen. I was so bummed by the psychic crap, Gina, and the whole mess that both versions of FCOL had become in general. Even as a single 28 year old, I loved listening to TPE and I adore Lynette. I was so sad that the podcast was struggling to find its groove. But as a long time fan of listening to Alison on Adam’s show, I’m so so so excited to listen to this episode of FCOL. Sounds like you guys finally figured out a winning combination!

  20. I’ll be a regular listener if Alison is on! I love her on Adam’s show, but don’t hear enough from her because he’s such a mic hog:-) Great show!!!! I also added Paul’s podcast to my line-up.

  21. Julio Romero says:

    Good, another podcast that I will never miss an episode, PLEASE continue with this project

  22. Julio Romero says:

    You should advertise it on the main podcast. You will get a lot of listeners because of Alison

  23. I think you all have found a winner! Alison was the best addition to the show yet! I like Stephanie’s sharp wit but she can some times comes off condescending to Lynette and some of the guests. Allison was just so fun, relatable and not too self-depracating! And as always, love, love, love Lynette. Thank you for not having a psychic on the show – much better. Keep up the good work, FCOL!