Singles Edition: Lisa Vanderpump

Lisa VanderpumpLisa Vanderpump joins Lynette Carolla and Gina Grad for the inaugural episode of For Crying Out Loud: Singles Edition. The Ladies talk about The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, Lisa’s new book Simply Divine and of course, Jiggy!


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Executive Producer: Mike August
Producer/Audio Engineer: Gary Smith
Web Engineering: Mike Cioffi


  1. LIbby Blatch says:

    Not normally a fan of the Housewives but really loved this interview with Lisa Vanderpump. Great job ladies.

  2. Jill Mills says:

    I love Real Housewives and my favorite is the Beverly Hills Housewives and my favorite Housewife is Lisa Vanderpump! I am so glad you had her on the show. Have more Housewives on, except that horrible Dana, (YUCK). But, if you can get her baby on to read a few pages of War and Peace that would be awesome.

    • Louise Jezuit says:

      I love your show.All your shows are wonderful. Very entertaining. Loved that you had Lisa Vanderpump on too. You girls are the best. Merry Christmas to everyone at “For Crying Out Loud”.

  3. ElissaKatherine says:

    #1 A classy lady who surprised me with her give and take with you girls.
    She has created a beautiful life for her self by rolling up her sleeves and working hard.
    #2 will-buy-her-book when it drops.
    #3 Plus she tweeted me with a lovely note, so she is number one in my book!