Singles Edition: Larry Miller & Christopher Johns

Larry MillerAlison announces her new show and welcomes the two final guests of For Crying Out Loud: Singles Edition. First, Christoper Johns, a witness of the Hollywood shootings, and Ace Broadcasting’s own Larry Miller.


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Executive Producer: Mike August
Producer/Audio Engineer: Gary Smith
Web Engineering: Mike Cioffi


  1. Christine W says:

    Great show, Alison!

  2. Will def subscribe to Alison’s new show. Congrats. And Lynette makes anything better.

  3. Congrats to Alison! I hope that her podcast won’t be just about being a single person, or relationship issues. Those subjects are great, but I think she’ll be more awesome being open to discussing any topic that comes down the pike. I’m sure she’ll have that kind of flexibility with topics. Looking forward to Fridays!!

  4. YEAH ALISON! So happy for you. Can’t wait to listen to ARIYNBF. I hope you record everyday! What a great addition to ACE Broadcasting.

  5. Mrs. Fuller says:

    Alison, I’m really enjoying this! Yes I’m surprised – I HATED DATING and didn’t see where a ‘singles’ show would fit in my world. But I love what your bringing to the topic. Can’t wait for the official launch of your show. Your guests were great. Liked hearing about Mr. Johns perspective of that awful day and his unique part in it. Not often is someone willing to ‘step in’ instead of ‘run out’ of the way of danger.

    Larry Miller – I simply adore and he can do no wrong in my book but he was a super guest. I’m going to make Chicken Larry? for my family soon.

  6. Great show! I love Alison and Larry Miller together. They have a really cute dynamic.

    Glad your surgery went well, Alison!!

  7. I LOVE adam & love for ‘crying out loud’.. I listen to podcasts all day, everyday and this has got to be the worst podcast I’ve ever heard. For some reason when Alison is alone her voice annoys me!! But love her w/adam.

  8. I disagree with Chelsea above. This format gives Alison an outlet to truly express herself. She is the perfect host for the singles edition as she has a lot of relationship insight, and is good one-on-one with guests. (although i admit i am a tiny bit curious as to what happened to Gina).

  9. heap of tears says:

    So glad this is happening.

  10. You and Larry make a great podcast. More please.

  11. I hope more of these shows are coming! I like getting the chance to hear Alison open up about her life, since she has a very relatable perspective. Also, I too am obsessed with “Homeland.”

    I enjoy Lynette’s candor & stories, but “The Singles Edition” wasn’t the right fit for her (for an obvious reason). I love Gina Grad on “The Pretty Good Podcast” & wonder why she left as well. Possible c0-host with Alison?

    • Actually Christian, if they were all on at the same time, I would be able to watch fewer shows and get more sleep. If any of those 3 is on the show in a given night, it keeps me up at 3am to watch it live or as live as a pre-recorded show can be. So if two or more show up on different shows in a given week, I am a mess that week from lack of sleep. I watch most of the other shows too even when no ebmemrs of this talented triumvirate appear, but I tend to catch up via DVR on the weekend.As for Anna’s post I think getting the behind the scenes look of what you guys do (although a very limited look) is one of the reasons it is so fun to follow your blogs, read your tweets, etc. And I very much doubt that your friend Michelle is cooler than you are!If Alison was going to be a Doctor specializing in Larry King I sure hope she would not be a proctologist, urologist, cardiologist or anything like that. Perhaps a Ph.D. in social awesomeness and people who have achieved with a certain level of social awkwardness (e.g. Larry King)

  12. Does anyone know what ended up happening with the Tournament of Rosen? I know it got down to the final guy and Adam had him call into the show. But then Alison started dating her current boyfriend around the same time. Did they ever go on a date?