Singles Edition: Alison, Lynette & Calls

Alison RosenAlison Rosen and Lynette Carolla discuss issues relating to singles and take your calls … enjoy!


Show Credits

Executive Producer: Mike August
Producer/Audio Engineer: Gary Smith
Web Engineering: Mike Cioffi


  1. Melinda McDonough says:

    Love the new podcast! Looking forward to the new year!

  2. Alison Rosen says:

    Thank you!

  3. Doctor P Cox says:

    Love Alison, it’s good to hear more of her without Adam jumping in all the time. You should promote this show on Adam’s show.

    Alison is very funny and her fans might not be aware of this show if they only listen to the other podcast.

  4. Lynette – you sound like you don’t want to talk or do this..come on baby – put some energy into this

    • I disagree. I think they had a great conversation! I really enjoyed them. I’m behind in listening, so this is the latest one I’ve heard. Hope for more Lynette with Alison!

  5. Jay Potter says:

    Good show enjoyed it. Who is the girl singing the song at the end with the lyric ” Sometimes it’s good to cry” ?

  6. rosemary says:

    wish you posted the link to the nakey photographers twitter. wanted to see him. Plus I too dated a way younger guy, me 50 he 28. the only reason i dated him, was because he was so cute. nothing in common,
    lasted a couple of months. fun podcast ladies.