RIP MollyGirl

Lynette and Stef open up the show talking about their kids’ summers coming to an end. This leads Lynette into a very sad story about the Carolla family dog, Molly. As the show wraps up Lynette and Stefanie discuss what movies are appropriate for kids the age of their children.

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  1. Fieldengineer says:

    To Lynette, sad to hear about Molly:

    FYI for other dog owners: When a dog can’t get up, you can help your dog get up and walk by taking a bath towel and putting it under it’s hind quarters like a hammock. Grab each end of the towel and like a hammock, pick up the dogs rear end as it gets up from it’s front paws. We used this method towards the end of our dog’s life to help with the bathroom breaks.

    It sounds like Molly ‘threw her back out’ and so could not raise herself without pain – on her final day.

    Remember, your kids will not hold it against you for ‘choosing the time’ – They saw that you did the majority of the heavy lifting in taking care of Molly. It was your call to make and no one else.

    God Bless your family at this time.

    P.S.: Not impressed with your husband. His trip could have been postponed enough (4 hrs.) to ‘take care of family business’. Death is not convenient. My wife was a complete wreck just going to the Humane Society and dealing with the gurney – I could not imagine doing that alone. I had to take care of the details inside the Humane Society – she stayed in the truck and cried – we then went for a drink. Again, Monterey was going to be there, – you cannot get that goodbye back. *** Tell Adam the Gentleman fan who gave him a Kool Pak for his neck at his Fontana race wrote in and said so.***

    (From April 29,2015 post)
    To Lynette:

    Hope this message finds you and Molly well.

    I thought I would share a small story about our black lab that just passed a few months ago (14 yr. old pound dog of my Pretty Wife).

    Our dog Maisy was not breathing well and was not sleeping through the nights, so Pretty Wife took her into the Vet on a Saturday morning. Low and behold, wife walks in with Maisy trotting in and I could tell my wife had been balling her eyes out – diagnosis: Cancer of lungs – spread through her body, weeks to live, Vet wanted to put her down then.

    Needless to say, Pretty Wife took off work Monday to prepare for a final Vet visit.

    Monday came and went and Maisy was wagging her tail and taking some medicine to prevent nausea – so she would eat. I started boiling chicken for both our dogs (Shepherd – 15yrs).

    We made Vet arrangements and waited.

    We had our daughter say hello and goodbye every time she got home.

    On Maisy’s final day, I got her out of her bed and into the yard, it was a glorious spring day and I watched her sit in the yard and sniff the air. Our shephard nudged her and said his goodbye – the way dogs smell cancer, he knew. I tried to get her to eat and she refused – so I knew. I checked her every thirty minutes and finally my daughter got home and said hello as Maisy climbed into her doghouse.

    Twenty minutes later, I checked on her and she had passed all curled up and peaceful in her bed.

    Call to Pretty Wife and she rushed home. Neighbors helped load her house and her into my F150 and we both went to the Humane Society – where Maisy was acquired, and this was her last stop.

    My daughter went to Grandma’s for the afternoon. She wailed that night, as she had thought Maisy was just asleep and would be back from the Vet.

    Please have your kids say hello and goodbye to Molly each and everyday that Molly is still with you – it helped our situation.

    I hope that Molly works through her surgeries. Our litmus test was the tail wagging. The last week was up and down with Maisy and one day she was totally energetic, so it allowed us to take her walks, until she could not do it anymore.

    Thanks for the pod and keep us updated.

    As my Mom always says: “This too will pass”.

    Take careful,
    your annoying listener, Fieldengineer

  2. molly anderson says:

    Lynette, Thanks for sharing your heartfelt story. I had to put my golden to sleep four years ago, and listening to your tale, brought that day right back to me like it was yesterday. Sending god thoughts to you and your family during this difficult time.

    -Molly (number one female dog name!)

  3. Lynette, SO SORRY to hear this sad story about Molly’s passing, I feel your pain and cried on the way to work listening. But you guys did an amazing job taking care of her, she was very lucky to grow up with Carollas.

  4. Dear, Lynette,

    I finally listened to this episode even though I knew it was going to be rough. I have an 11 year old sweet, gentle yellow lab mix and I know this is in my future. I can’t even watch the end of Marley and Me without leaving the room bawling. You did the best for that sweet Molly Girl all her life. Thank you for sharing her with us.


  5. Lynette,

    So sorry to hear of Molly girl’s passing. But from listening to your podcast it was clear that you were an excellent mom to her. Both kind and caring and that includes making the decision to let her go when you did rather than have her suffer.

    Please take comfort in knowing that she couldn’t have had a better home anywhere else in this world. You are to be commended for shouldering the burden of her death on your own (in order to ensure your sons trip wasn’t ruined). That must have been very difficult, and speaks volumes about your character.

    Thanks for sharing your experience with us. Our dog is nearing the end of his life and your podcast helped me to start thinking about how to tell our 3 kids when the time comes.

    Take Care
    Kim from Canada

  6. That was the hardest podcast to here. Good thing I work third shift so tears were not seen

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