Jillian Lauren Returns

Lynette and Stefanie welcome in-studio guest Jillian Lauren to the show. The ladies open the show talking about Jillian’s various books. Then, Jillian shares her story of growing up in New Jersey and dropping out of NYU at 16. Later, Jillian shares her story about being a member of the Prince of Brunai’s Harem. After that, Jillian discusses what life was really like after leaving the Harem and coming home. This leads into a long discussion of how hard this new life was, especially in terms of trying to maintain a stable relationship. Before they wrap, Lauren discusses how she met her husband, as well as their adoption of an Ethiopian boy.

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  1. Throughly enjoyed Jillian! Bring her back soon.

  2. Great show ladies!!!

  3. I love her. I remember the original podcast with her three and half years ago and I thought “WOW! This new Crying Out Loud show is great.” Thanks for bringing her back.

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