Turrible Hurroin Problem in Amuricaa

Lynette and Stef welcome in studio Dr. Bruce for a brand new episode. Stef opens the show asking Bruce about over stressing for kids and how to handle it properly when they become too stressed out. Then Lynette talks a bit about the kids sleeping in their own rooms all night. Before they wrap, the ladies hear a few stories from the doctor.

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  1. Stephanie, when my son was 5yrs old till about 7 he would fall apart during summer holidays and school breaks. The lack of routine really messed him up. His sleepwalking would start again, he would be miserably and have separation anxiety! Once school was back in, things were much better and as he’s gotten older it has stopped happening.

    Good luck! xo

  2. Daniel Burke says:

    Steph..I am your daughter..from 10 to 13 I could not sleep. Very worried. It’s normal. Just stay calm. No medication. Just tell her to “close her eyes” and rest her body. She needs a set of tools mentally to cope with the “not sleeping” and being anxious. She is 100% normal.

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