Lynette & SWT

  Stefanie opens the show with a throw back to the Ray Oldhafer episode discussing her haircut from The Armenian Comedian. From there Lynette recounts what's happened to her over the past weekend with Adam leaving town and the kids having their final baseball game. After the game Lynette's … [Read more...]

Betsy Brown Braun

  Betsy Brown Braun returns to Ace Broadcasting in her first appearance since the reincarnation of the show as For Crying Out Loud. Lynette & Stefanie are very eager to talk discipline with Betsy and launch right into their questions. Lynette asks Betsy how she feels about Adam's approach … [Read more...]

Dr. Bruce

  Lynette & Stefanie open up the show one on one before Dr. Bruce joins them and Stefanie discusses with Lynette how one of her daughters acts very much like a boy. Later a fan calls in to tell the ladies how much she loves the show & to discuss Dance Moms & Papa Johns. As the call goes on … [Read more...]

Ray Oldhafer

  The show opens with Lynette discussing Adam's habit of talking to her at night before she goes to bed before transitioning into the story of her recent trip. Lynette's trip was amazing and she goes through the two different shows they saw and the fun people they met along the way including … [Read more...]

Parental Discretion

  Lynette and Stefanie open the show with some very exciting news from SWT on her recent endeavors and announce that Stefanie's show Parental Discretion with 'Stefanie Wilder Taylor' has been picked up for 26 episodes. Then the discussion turns to reality TV and everyone agrees that Jersey … [Read more...]

Mark McGrath

  Today is the first time the girls are recording their show in the new studio. They bring Mark McGrath and his girlfriend Carin into the studio right from the top of the show. Mark and Carin have been together 18 years and have two-year-old twins. The couple chats about driving each other … [Read more...]

Susan Pinsky

  Lynette and Stefanie welcome fan favorite Susan Pinsky back to the show. The girls talk about Lynette’s upcoming NY trip to see Bruce Springsteen, and the pains of getting a Brazilian wax. They also talk about giving medicine to kids, and Lynette brings up Natalia’s recent strange … [Read more...]

Dr. Carole Lieberman

  The show opens with a catch-up session between Lynette and Stefanie. Lynette talks about how much she’s been enjoying the kids’ baseball games, and Stef discusses why she loves being a soccer mom. Lynette also talks about an uncomfortable situation at the park, and gives a rebuttal to … [Read more...]

Jill Zarin

  Stefanie has been dying for Jill Zarin to come on forever, but unfortunately she was not available at the time of the recording. Instead, Lynette sits down 1-on-2 with Jill and her assistant, Sarah. The girls chat about how they first became friends, and why Jill is no longer appearing on … [Read more...]

Shawn Hatosy

  On today’s show, the girls are joined by Shawn Hatosy, from the hit show Southland, and also a super fan of Adam. Lynette talks about her fear of Nancy Grace, and Stefanie shares her love of murder plots on TV. Shawn then talks about being a hands-on parent, and the girls debate the pros … [Read more...]