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Susan Pinsky Lynette and Stefanie welcome fan favorite Susan Pinsky back to the show. The girls talk about Lynette’s upcoming NY trip to see Bruce Springsteen, and the pains of getting a Brazilian wax. They also talk about giving medicine to kids, and Lynette brings up Natalia’s recent strange behavior. Susan then discusses her experiences with teenage rebellion, and the girls talk about how puberty is affecting kids at a younger age now.

Later in the show, the girls start to discuss the sexual side effects of Menopause, and how to get your groove back. Susan also talks about her upcoming charity auction, which will serve thousands of families who struggle with psychological problems. As the show wraps up, Stefanie brings the twins in, and the kids talk about their favorite zoo animals and favorite books.



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  1. I fapped while looking at the picture of Lynette in those shoes.

    • The Rob says:


    • +1

    • but it’s not like she’s a drug addict. I mean, she tried it once!!! ONCE, not even TWICE or more..ONCE.So it’s not that bad. I mean, she alawys have given the kids a good example of what to do and what not to do, so if she decides to do something not that smart’ , people should let her do that. She’s her own boss and only her own, not for her millions of fans 2, just saying

  2. Omg, Stephanie’s little girls are the cutest things ever! #adorable

  3. Great show ladies!!

    Stephanie, I read this article in Time last year that talked about early puberty,9171,2097388,00.html

    This also effects boys and is something we should all be aware of… When I was in Elementary school, we had one girl in the school with breasts and a period… now this has become the norm, it’s not about over analyzing, it is very much a real change in our young people.

    • Personally, I don’t think it’s a mystery why kids are developing earlier. It’s due to kids tending to be overweight these days. Fat equals more estrogen. I’ve seen overweight 6 year old girls with bigger boobs than me! I’ve seen overweight 10 year old BOYS with bigger boobs than me, in fact. Like Stefanie says, you want your kids to delay puberty? Get them ACTIVE. And stop letting them graze on junk food all day long.

    • My boss’ daughter was 18 months and he picked her up one day, and could feel a bump in her breast. They took her to the doctor. The doctor said that she was developing “breast buds”. They stopped having her drink soy milk and such, but went back for a follow-up visit a month later, and there was another breast bud. Finally, after switching the child to lotions without patroleum and mineral oils, the little girl didn’t have breast buds anymore, and was back in her normal growth range.

      I get that some people are a little crazy about all the trends. But with all the processed foods in the word, and all the synthetic things out there, it’s hard not to look at what they could be doing to our bodies, and our childrens… just saying.

  4. Amy Driggs says:

    Have listened to every episode, great show! (including the P.E. show). Stephanie, Gary, Lynette you’re very complementary to each other. Nice work. Not sure if you’re open to guest or show ideas but I would LOVE to hear what you think of the book Simplicity Parenting. I read about 1/2 of it recently and am already hooked. the title alone makes you feel more hopeful, right?! Full title is Simplicity Parenting: Using the Extraordinary Power of Less to Raise Calmer, Happier, and More Secure Kids. Authors: Kim John Payne & Lisa M. Ross. Would love to hear your opinions; good, bad, otherwise. Some of my favorite parenting reads have come from your show (Betsy Brown Braun !!) Hope you’ll consider it.

  5. I have a friend who went to High School with Susan (same High School as Mark McGrath). Her initials are LM. Her parents still live on the same street as the house where Susan grew up. Anyway…. I used to do drugs with LM…. for years…. and I know she’s been involved in hard-core drugs as long… if not longer than me (15 years). I am 14 months clean and sober and LM is the one person that I wish I could have taken with me into sobriety. Before I went into treatment I wrote LM a letter and begged her to go with me and told her that she would end up in jail, an institution or dead if she didn’t stop. Anyway… everytime I see Drew or I hear Adam talk about Drew, my mind always goes to Susan and then obviously to LM. Susan’s husband is one of the world’s leading authorities on substance abuse… and here is one of Susan’s closest childhood friends dying before our eyes. I think she said she went to their wedding even! Anyway… it breaks my heart…. but I cannot associate with her in any way. It’s sad.

  6. BTW…. Susan is a woman after my own heart! I am a former foster kid and I would like to be a foster parent someday…. such a good cause that she’s raising money for! Also, I am a big fan of BHRT!!!

  7. Dana Davis says:

    After almost 2 years of NOT having sex with my husband (I had absolutely NO desire for anything, plus I was constantly pissed at my husband), then I got crazy horny recently! My husband is happy now, but I’m scared it’s going to go away. Can you please get that hormone doctor Susan goes to on a future show?

    More info about the hormone replacement or how to keep yourself from going crazy with “the change” would be very interesting!!

    Love the show!!!

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