Sister-In-Law Drama

downloadLynette and Stefanie dive right into the show this week with some fan phone calls. Their first topic kicks right off with some Real Housewives talk, and which series the ladies would be on if they had the choice. Then after a few more calls, Stefanie spaces big time on a commitment and is paying a small price for it. Before they wrap, the ladies talk about how much harder the news can be sometimes when you’re a parent.

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Producer: Gary Smith
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  1. Sharmuta says:

    You ladies should have Dawson come on as a guest since he’s a big fan of Real Housewives-OC.

  2. You know, I really have to comment about Stefanie’s sister-in-law turning her baby away from the TV set. How was she the one being judgemental? I used to do that too. I didn’t like my baby staring at a flashing screen. But I never ever said anything about anyone else’s kids watching TV. Stefanie really did seem to be the judgemental one in this instance. Her sister in law didn’t seem to have made any snarky remarks or anything. Why can’t we all make the choices we want for our own children without someone else feeling like it’s a passive attack against their choices?

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