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Screen Shot 2014-07-23 at 3.40.58 PMLynette and Stef open the show this week talking to a surprise in studio guest, one Mr. Santino Carolla. Then Stefanie gets into how Maddy’s growing up a bit too fast and starting to lose enthusiasm for interesting activities. After that, the ladies catch up on some serious Real Housewives talk. Getting back into growing up, Lynette and Stef dive into proper safety awareness for the kids, as well as how Lynette’s first weekend alone with Adam in eight years that yielded some surprising results from the twins.

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  1. great show guys!! lynette- sonny is such a lovely young man, you should be so proud! stefanie- hold on with matilda, this too shall pass and you clearly are doing whatever you can to support her which lets me know things will get better. as adam always says, show your kids you have enthusiasm for life and for your kids being a part of your life and the rest will follow. finally, i can not wait for the dawson bonus episode. thanks for putting together a wonderful podcast every week.

  2. Celeste says:

    Hi Ladies! I am a School Psychologist and regular listener. Maddie having “belly aches” sounds like “somatization”, a symptom frequently seen in children with depression and/or anxiety. Children often cannot differentiate between “belly-aches” and “butterflies” or feelings of uneasiness. Maddie may be feeling uneasy/nervous and mistaking it for belly-aches because at this age she does not have a word for both. Hope this helps:-)

  3. Sharon Aulbach says:

    Hey guys – Hurry up and post the tortilla soup recipe! I want to make it for dinner tonight. Thanks!

  4. Margaret M says:

    Loved this episode! First of all, Sonny is so thoughtful – what a sweet boy. This episode resonated with me very much. My son is also very ‘broody’ and we have a tough time getting him out of the house to do anything. At this point we have him in a school where the teachers are very loving, but don’t let him get away with anything. (They’re like tough, loving grandmas!) That has been helpful in getting him to develop better coping skills and given us a break from always being the ‘mean parents’ dealing with his moods. I wish I had some words of advice for you, but we are muddling through this emotional roller coaster one day at a time. If you have any break throughs or insights, please, please, share them on your show!
    I also hate people who reminisce about ‘the good ol’days’. I was a child of the 70s and had many friends who were harassed and abused because we were allowed to run free through the neighborhoods. I agree that there are many who over-parent, but reverting to letting kids run free is not the answer.
    Keep up the good work – love your show.

  5. Luv Sonny!! He’s adorable and I would love for him to be on a whole show hahahah

  6. Hi ladies- I could hear in your voice, Lynette, that you would prefer the chatter to be here. So here I am. Stefanie, you got me to listen to my first podcast. So I’m in now.

    1. Kids/Independence- I’m big on it. I like that lady that let her kid ride the subway alone. You can let your kids out and about in some places. I live in one of those places. But it doesn’t matter. I’m in the minority. So I have to go with the crowd or my only child will just always be an only. He wants kids to play with so I have to make “play dates”. So camp is for independence and if I have to work the pole at 40 to send him to sleepaway then that’s what will be. I agree that there has to be an age you feel comfortable letting them be more independent, but it can’t be 18.

    Spoiling- I have one kid. My only real job is to make sure he isn’t a spoiled a-hole. I wouldn’t have taken Ethan home to change his clothes and he would have had to suck it up. I was born without guilt. I don’t feel bad when we go through stuff like that. And I think having chores is good and getting an allowance is good, but I’ve read that it is more effective if the two aren’t tied together. I’d have to go look for the article. I thought it was a pretty interesting concept.

    2. What the F is a “feelings doctor”- is that a special LA term like “Conscious uncoupling”? But I definitely agree that a therapist would be beneficial. Even if she’s a debbie downer by nature, I’m sure a good therapist can help her from immediately going the downer route. And I don’t know if you know specifics of why she’s having a hard time at camp. I’d want to know more if certain people are bothering her. Last year I sent Ethan to an expensive day camp and he didn’t seem to be having that much fun. I was really sad about it. It turned out he had two kids that were jerks to him a lot. He wasn’t used to that. He doesn’t have that at school. He’s in a different group without those two kids this summer and he’s having a much better time.

    3. Housewives- you barely discussed them but I can’t believe you’re into Heather! “Holla” is just too cheesy for words. And she needs to come off like some kind of badass. She reminds me of in Reality Bites when they show Ben Stiller’s character’s cheesy show where the reporter girl was doing the segment on “Ghetto chic” and the gang-style bandanas were $300. I think I just hate-watch them all. I also agree that you can’t watch all the housewives- that it’s overload. I used to watch Atlanta. The first two seasons. Then it just got too much. I never watched Miami either. Stefanie- you know why I watch Jersey. They’re local. But I don’t like them either. I watch through my fingers or watching the time on the treadmill. I think they’ve all jumped the shark. I do kind of miss Gretchen. I do not miss Jesus Jugs.

    Lynette- you don’t want to be on RH. Almost everyone on any franchise gets divorced. So if you want to stay married, stay off it. I’ve been at parties where they were filming NJ and it’s so contrived. They really edit you into whatever character they want. It’s so not worth it. I’d let them film in my store- I’d be crazy not to. All the places featured on the show around here blow up (in a positive way). But personally? No way.

  7. Curtis Massey says:

    Sonny sounds like a smart, intuitive kid.

  8. Love Sonny’s debut on COL! Insightful! And he can do a hell of an impression of Kimmel’s impression of Santa Karl! LOL!

    • He IS very insightful for an 8 year old! I can see him growing up to be a doctor or psychologist! Very smart kid. Cute sense of humor too.

  9. Love your show ladies. I’m 45 with a 9 year old boy so I totally relate to you two. Was so impressed with Sonny. He sounds like such an intelligent little boy. You’re doing a good job with him. Totally found you by accident after coming across Adam’s “Not Taco Bell Material” book via Audible. Now I’m a fan of both you and Adam. Took my husband to see Adam when he was in Waukegan, IL. He loved it too.
    Keep up the good work. And…producer Gary – is Awesome. Such a hard working guy!

  10. You guys should ask that Lenore Skenazy to be a guest on your show! Would love to hear a debate on free range parenting! Stefanie – I agreed with your assessment of it 100% – your concerns about free range are mine too. I love the idea of kids having more freedom and less helicoptering, but yes, back when kids were ranging free all over the place SO much bad stuff WAS happening as well. I would love to hear Lenore’s rationalization of that. I think she would say, “Well, you just have to teach your children what to expect and have faith they’ll react in a smart way.” But it’s not always that easy. Kids still have immature brains and don’t always have the best intuition. Probably the helicoptering generation of parents ARE a direct result of kids who felt they had too much freedom and experienced too much danger because of it.

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