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The girls open the show this week with some nostalgia for their previous careers and an America’s Got Talent recap. Stefanie then share’s a dilemma she’s been having in trying to figure out which teacher is the best fit for the girls next year. Then the ladies talk about good books to get the kids interested in reading, as well as interesting books for themselves. Before they wrap, Stefanie dishes on a recent news story that frustrated her.

And read the Salon article Stef talked about on today’s show

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  1. Daniel Burke says:

    Hire Sadie a super nice tutor. After tutor take her out for her fav snack. This makes tutoring special and fun. We adore our tutors. We had a reading tutor for 3 years Worth every dime. It was the best. Give Sadie the gift of being a super reader. It will change everything about her life.

  2. Adam Carolla says:

    I look forward to the episode when Lynette announces Adam is divorcing her. Worst podcast i’ve ever heard. Like listening to two teenagers talk.

    • Kim McKenna says:

      There are a million other podcasts out there…might I suggest you find one that you like and visit their website instead of listening to “two teenagers talk” then visiting THEIR website to talk shit!
      Love FCOL! This is one of several podcasts I listen to that keep me company and “fill in time” when I am alone, picking up my kids from school, etc etc etc!

  3. Lynette, what ever happened with Adam’s surprise 50th birthday party? You mentioned a few episodes back about winning the auction for free charter flight. Did it happen?

  4. Re: Sadie developing slowly. I’ve noticed that smaller kids do tend to lose teeth later. Tell Sadie that when it happens to her, then she’ll be the one in the spotlight, it will be more fun than having to share it with her twin!

    Did you ever notice Buffy on Family Affair? She was like 9, playing a 6 year old (although she did look 6) and her front teeth were missing at that point, giving her look a lot of authenticity!

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