Morgan Stewart

Lynette and Stef open up the show this week with some back and forth banter with producer Gary. Then Stef talks a bit about the girls initial summer camp experience. Guest Morgan Stewart from The Rich Kids of Beverly Hills, joins the ladies in studio to talk about her life. Before the show wraps, Stef, Lynette, and Morgan answer some fan Facebook questions.

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Producer: Gary Smith
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  1. Hi Ladies,
    Great show today….as always. I look forward to every Friday morning and listening to your podcast. After hearing about the genetic testing you were talking about today, I went to 23 and me to check it out. Just wanted to let you know that you can still get the testing done but you don’t get an interpretation about what diseases you are prone to getting because of new FDA regulations.

    Here is the blurb that is on their website: We no longer offer our health-related genetic reports to new customers to comply with the U.S. Food and Drug Administration’s directive to discontinue new consumer access during our regulatory review process.

    At this time, we do not know the timeline as to which health reports might be available in the future or when they might be available.

    Hopes this helps!
    Love you both!

  2. pete goesinya says:

    A man is only as faithful as his options ” Chris Rock” If he’s rich or a hot guy he most likely will cheat…If he’s frumpy and broke he will be more faithful…..nine times out of ten if the guy is faithful then the woman cheats …so you can’t win….

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