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Stefanie opens the show with a throw back to the Ray Oldhafer episode discussing her haircut from The Armenian Comedian. From there Lynette recounts what’s happened to her over the past weekend with Adam leaving town and the kids having their final baseball game. After the game Lynette’s story continues with her recalling a school event that evening & her frustration with what transpired.

Later, Stefanie recounts a story of her own in which she felt like she was excluded in an inconsiderate way. Lynette weighs in on the story and offers her own opinions which ultimately lead to both of them agreeing that the situation could’ve been handled better on the part of the host.



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  1. Reuben Nisenfeld says:

    Lynette! If you’re going to tell a story don’t give a shit what us wankers in the internet are gonna say, the constant self doubt is annoying. Keep dishin’!

  2. WOOHOO! Talk of Gary’s penis – FINALLY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! HOT! lol

    Great show ladies! It felt like lunch with friends.

  3. I’m so lost. Suzanne is “poor” and doesn’t want her kid to go to a “rich kid” school? Is that the problem?

    • dummy dunce that is not what she said. she just wanted better and “suzanne”‘s tax records were not explained

  4. Christine W says:

    We need more shows per week! No guest required!

  5. Khalid, Bklyn NY says:

    Oh my. The show is almost always GREAT, but what the hell was with that story Lynette told? Ripping her “best friend” for a half hour because she is understandably a bit envious of your millionaire lifestyle? Jeez. This is the kind of thing that “best friends” address with each other personally, not online. That whole rant came off as small and mean spirited. Also, a half hour of somecomlaining is terrible podcasting. Please bring back the funny and interesting, ladies.

  6. Stefanie, I don’t drink either. I am not an alcoholic, but “drinking didn’t work out for me” (<–Love it, stealing it, using it forever. Thank you.) I have been in the situation you described, hearing you tell it made me so angry on your behalf. You are an adult woman, presumably you know what you can and cannot handle. If being at the party would be too difficult you would CHOOSE not to go. Seems simple enough to me.

    PS To the lady doing the (not) inviting: no one enjoys the sensation that "everyone" is talking about them. Knock it off.

    • Stefanie says:

      Thanks B! I’ve let it go completely but it was just plain weird and uncomfortable. I wish I’d never known that there was any discussion whatsoever. Just don’t invite me! I’m a big girl!

    • I don’t think you should be so hard on the mom who didn’t invite you to the party. It doesn’t sound like she was being mean….she was actually just trying to be respectful of you. I think I would have done the same thing as her if you had commented to me that you werent going to the fundraiser because it was too “booze focused”.
      To me, the only person who made a mistake (and it was a small one) was the lady who asked you if you were going to the party. That’s always a silly thing to do because you never know who is and who isn’t invited. My philosophy is that when I’m invited somewhere I just go and I’ll see who is there when I arrive. At least she tried to make it right by telling the lady that she put her foot in her mouth and the hostess was very nice to call you and explain. Now the air is clear. She knows where you stand and knows how you’d like her to handle it next time. These are dilemas for all of us…we should be patient with each other as we do the best we can to do the right thing.

      I love your show Stefanie but I think you might be the one who is creating the drama in this situation.

      • And people sometimes don’t know how others will react to situations. What if Stefanie WAS one of those anti-alcohol crusaders? Maybe these moms just didn’t know and wanted to avoid inviting that type to a cocktail party. It IS kind of a bummer to all be drinking and getting silly and have a stone-cold sober person standing there. Especially one who has a podcast who might wind up talking about her uncomfortable experience at a cocktail party on it! ha!

    • I was really confused, and this answered all my quseitons.

  7. Khalid, Bklyn NY says:

    I was fired up and too strong with my comments previously. Lynette and Stephanie are usually pretty damn good. I think its always unfortunate when friends are at odds and specifically when they talk badly of each other in public. I hope that Lynette listens to the show and realizes that she’s in the wrong for taking her gripes to this forum and owes her bud an apology. I also hope that the ladies get back to the fun and insightful talk that has made this one of my favorite shows from day one.

  8. Well, that was…uneventful.

  9. I feel like Stefanie tends to take way too long to say stuff and refuses to be interrupted. You can tell Lynette gets her point like half way through and tries to respond, but Stefanie won’t stop talking. I’m extremely pregnant and bitchy though, so I could be wrong!

    • Stefanie says:

      Thanks for the feedback Shayna. Good luck with the birth of your child!

      • God, I feel like an asshole. I think you rock Stefanie, I was probably just swollen and agitated when I wrote this. I look forward to this podcast all week and wouldn’t want either of you to change a bit.

        • Stefanie says:

          Don’t worry about it. I’m sure I can interrupt and I’m sure it’s annoying. In the moment I probably think I’m just keeping up the energy but I’ve actually never listened to the show so maybe I should. I worry that I would feel really self conscious though and then never talk at all which would be a whole new problem.

          • I think Lynette talked a lot in this one, and didn’t find that you took up more than your share of time at all. You both had very interesting stories to tell and it was fun listening.

        • I loved loved loved all the advice!!! I will detniifely use it! The examples you gave were great. I could detniifely see myself wearing them and being comfortable while teaching. I can’t wait to go shopping and find some stylish outfits to wear!!! Thanks for all the help. You guys are awesome!!Lauren Felder

    • Claudia says:

      Are you sure you meant to say Stefanie? I think it’s totally the other way around! Lynette never completes a sentence! If it wasn’t for Stefanie, Lynette would never make a freaking point! I look forward to listening to the podcast and I like both Lynette and Stefanie but I think Stefanie is a lot more eloquent. Also, Lynette sometimes comes across like she feels she has the discipline/parenting thing all figured out whereas Stefanie comes across more humble…In this podcast I thought Lynette made her friend’s insecurities all about her. Maybe her friend was just sad and needed her to listen without judgment. Lynette, you got lucky enough to marry someone that ended up being successful but that doesn’t make you better than your friend.. Just my 2 cents.

  10. Lynette–I was really touched by your honesty about your friend. I can totally relate….but you love her and are just in a frustrating time in your friendship. I hope that eventually all will be “back to normal” for you two. I am amazed at your compassion for everyone, but you have every right to get upset as the next person….the comments about you “ripping into” your best friend are way off…it sounds like you did address the issue with Suzanne personally and are just sharing your experience…..that is what your podcast is for!! Like I said before…a lot of us can relate to problems with certain friends..period.

    Even though my boys are 17 and 19 now, I still can relate to all you both are going through. Lynette and Stephanie make a great team…along with Gary too….he always has great insight. (hey, you need to post a photo of all of you…I want to see Gary!)

    Also love when you talk about reality shows….but it has been a while…just sayin’…

    Keep up the honesty….it is like listening to some wise, entertaining girlfriends.

  11. Lynette is the one honest voice on the interwebs. SWT backs her up. good job ladies

  12. Great show ladies! Longtime listener w/ 2 grown sons. I enjoy you honesty every week and look forward to your life experiences and want to hear more behind the scenes from the backlot in Hollywood . SWT~LC in the hizzy!!

  13. Stephanie please… for the love of god, STOP interrupting Lynette’s stories constantly with your mediocre inserts. Nothing worse than trying to listen to a story and someone keeps butting in and taking the train off the track – ugh! Let her tell her story and then jump in. You too Producer Gary – know your place.

  14. Lynette says:

    Hey all – thank you so much for enjoying the show. I was a little worried about this episode. I’ve never been so honost in front of a mic before. I was really fired up, obviously, and i feel that this show is becoming a place where i can share what’s really going on in my life. I love being with Stefanie and Gary. I don’t see them during the week, we don’t get a chance to talk except for when Producer Gary emails us girls trying to schedule and then re-schedule and then calling us assholes because he wants to pull his hair out. Other than those brief exchanges i see Stef and Producer Gary on the day we record. I miss them and i love the shit out of both of them. So i get excited and i feel like i can unload what’s going on and then it goes out to you guys to listen in. I admit though i do worry sometimes that i go too far about things i shouldn’t be broadcasting. Such as issues between me and my husband as well as my girlfriends.

    As far as me and my girlfriend, we’ve been through a lot. We’ve been best friends for 28 years. Daaamn, i just did the math in my head. Wow, i’m old. She knows i love her to death, i was caught on a day when i was fired up and it was fresh on my mind. I’ll keep you updated on how things are between us but to be honest, I haven’t thought about the issue since the day we recorded. That’s why i love doing the show, i get to see two people i love hanging w/ and it’s becoming cathartic for me. Anyway, thanks again. I’m exhausted and going to bed. I’m going to try my best to make it through an episode of HBO’s GIRLS. Anyone watching this show? OMG, how good is it?? Thanks again. We really and truly appreciate your support. And don’t forget, if you like the show, please tell a friend! Love, Lynette xoxoox

    • The sad truth may be that you can be completely open and honest about situations such as your problems with your friend, OR you can be sympathetic and relatable, but it may not be possible to be both simultaneously. It’s a difficult balance to try to strike.

    • Lynette, Good Show.

      Tell your Longtime Friend that you will proactively stay connected and will keep the lifestyle disparities to a minimum.

      Hang out at her place – do things that are in her budget – respect that – and all will be fine.

      Also – tell her your thoughts and then ASK her if you can share story on your Show.

      Respect your Friends privacy and her lifestyle and you will go far.

      Don’t fall in Love with things that cannot love you back (Big Houses, nice cars etc.) , instead fall in love with people and friends that can care about you through the good times and bad.

      Be careful that your show does not end some friendships to early.

      My family wishes you all the best.

  15. To Suzanne I say if you have a friend with money like Lynette stop being envious and enjoy any invite or perk she throws your way!! It’s called being gracious .
    PS Love the show !

  16. Happy Gal says:

    Hey girls, Great show. Lynette, no comments to make other than thanks for your honesty and letting us into your life – love you!

    You only talked about this briefly but I have to ask – after 6 days of peeling and redness, were you happy with your chemical peel? I’ve been thinking about getting one but I’m a little scared…do you see any noticeable results?

    • Lynette Carolla says:

      Thanks Happy Gal, i love you too!! Yes, totally worth it. Make sure you do it when you have some down time. It’s a pain in the butt to deal with and my kids were freaked out a bit. And they always tell you that you have a few days of redness and flakey but it really took about 2 weeks to see the real results. After the disgusting shedding of the skin, my dark spots got even darker. That was because my skin was still pealing. You can wear makeup to cover it up. But then, after all of that was over i was extremely happy with the results. Just be careful and make sure you go to someone who knows what they’re doing. Good luck!

    • I’d love to know the answer to this as well.

  17. Kristin Byington says:

    I love your show! You ladies are so funny and enjoyable to listen to. My husband and I don’t have kids yet but it doesn’t matter, I totally love listening to all your hilarious and entertaining stories:) I’ve told all my parent friends about you and that they have to start listening.

    Something I was talking to my best friend about the other day (she’s a new mom) and thought might be an interesting topic……. How some people talk about their dogs like they are their children, to the point where it is REALLY nuts! Don’t get me wrong, I have a dog and love her to death but am sick of hearing people compare their pets to children….it’s like really?!?

    Keep doing what you’re doing!!!! And thank you!


  18. This is a waste of my time! Not really, but I was hoping to take a breather from Adam’s nasally voice and listen to this podcast, but Lynette took form of Adam and was bashing her friend like Adam does to his! Keep the fun in the podcasts ladies! I could feel my stress level rise while listening to this episode. Well if Suzanne is reading this, just think, you may not have the money, but you don’t have to be married to the Ace man! I think the grass is always greener…and there is always much more to life than money – so that’s not the only thing to strive for. She sounds like a lovely person and a great mom and friend! Love SWT… that woman was so wrong not to invite you!

  19. I love this podcast and usually love your dynamic, but Stefanie’s constant interruptions and one-upping made this painful to listen to! Let Lynette finish her stories and not every story need to lead back to you. It is not a contest! Definitely starting to be the norm on the show these days.

  20. Klineman says:

    Come on ladies and Gary, put up a new episode.

  21. LC ~ don’t worry about the haters, do your thing!! Love you 2 & love the show.

  22. wow. swt – you should listen to this podcast. when lynette – who was fired up about something – was telling her story, you kept interrupting. it was hard to listen to lynette. there’s back and forth and there is interrupting. most of the time your back and forth together is awesome. but when someone is on a roll, let ’em roll. love you both. joy

  23. I have always enjoyed the show. I’ve been listening to it from the beginning and I do not even have kids. I loved the Teresa/Lynette pairing the best and the shows that just had Lynette and no co-host have been great as well. Although SWT is articulate and funny, she monopolizes the conversations and always tries and bring the stories back to herself. Her bad habit of interupting and/or trying to tell a guest what Lynette’s point is, is painful to listen to. Lynette is right there and perfectly capable of telling the guest what she means.

    With regard to Lynette and her friend Suzanne, I really hope they are able to work things out. It broke my heart when Donnie and Adam’s long-time friendship came to an end. I would hate to see another casualty. It’s a given that some people love to create drama (Lynette described her experience re Adam, Loveline and that model), so maybe airing her issues on the podcast wasn’t the best thing to do. It’s bound to get back to Suzanne and it will just get twisted and hurtful in the translation.

  24. So the point about the non-rich friend was that she thinks her daughter will be jealous being around kids who live a richer lifestyle? And Lynette didn’t think so, because she wasn’t jealous as a kid? It’s probably different for different kids. I was always pretty envious of my richer cousins who had pools and nice clothes and expensive toys. I went to a poorer school and was comfortable with those kids. Then, in high school I went to a richer private school and felt out of place with kids who could afford ski weekends and all that. They were really nice kids but I still was ashamed to have them over to my small house in a rough area of L.A.. So I can relate to Suzanne’s feelings that Lynnette has outclassed her. Perhaps she could set Suzanne up with some rich Hollywood guy so she can get there too?

  25. Jennifer White says:

    this episode did drive me crazy, lc bitching about her friend, and taking so long to get it all out. But still love the show…

  26. You ladies are great! I commute an hour to and from work and I only listen to podcasts and you guys are my new favorite!!! Don’t pay too much attention to the haters. Stay true and real, it’s really refreshing. Thanks for being so honest. And Lynette I’m not into Facebook either, I just can’t seem to get into it, so you’re not alone with that.

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