Kay Hanley and Michelle Lewis Return



As the show opens Lynette and Stefanie commiserate about the perils of online christmas shopping and how annoying it can be that products you’ve already bought your kids start popping up as ads on other websites where the kids may be able to see. Then we bring in our guests Kay Hanley and Michelle Lewis who open telling us who they are and their current project Doc McStuffins. Lynette and Stefanie then start asking Kay and Michelle about their history in the music business and they spend the rest of the show regaling us with some of their endless amazing stories from their careers thus far.



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  1. Great Holiday show. I’ve also been watching parental discretion and it is a very funny show. Do you write most of your material Stephanie? You have a quick wit and great comedic instincts. I’m glad the show was renewed for another year. Thanks for entertaining me. I’m getting my money’s worth from my Paypal subscription. Have a great new year.


  2. I’ve missed y’all’s awesome podcast. Come back!

  3. Interesting guests! Really liked them. Fascinating to hear the talk about their kids and navigating the teen years (my friend has a daughter who was similar: super sweet and polite until she hit 12, was difficult for a year or two, then turned really sweet again) and dealing with a child with autism. Which I don’t agree Adam has!! He is so insightful and reads people so well. He’s like, the opposite of autistic! More of a mad genius, I think. The narcissism is what makes it difficult to put himself in other peoples’ shoes in a lot of annoying situations, but he has empathy for other people’s suffering, definitely.

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