Jill Zarin


Jill ZarinStefanie has been dying for Jill Zarin to come on forever, but unfortunately she was not available at the time of the recording. Instead, Lynette sits down 1-on-2 with Jill and her assistant, Sarah. The girls chat about how they first became friends, and why Jill is no longer appearing on The Real Housewives of New York City. They also talk about Adam’s elimination from Celebrity Apprentice, and whether or not Jill will be moving to LA.

Jill then recommends a controversial, very kinky book called Fifty Shades of Grey. Lynette recalls Dr. Drew discussing the book on his show, and talks about his reactions. Jill then describes her visit to a sex shop the other day, and a new app that would turn her iPad into a vibrator. Later, the girls talk about their relationships with their kids, and Jill talks about her upcoming jewelry line. As the show wraps up, the girls chat about their boob sizes, and whether or not Lynette should get breast reduction surgery.



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  1. Mind Numbing, Ridiculous human being! Please, Linette, do not scrape the bottom on the barrel again with this guest!

  2. Seriously, the song is so god-awful!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Christine W says:

    Ugh! What a blow hard!

  4. Amanda McCormick says:

    Great show today! I wish crying out loud came more than once a week!

  5. So this isn’t a parenting podcast anymore, right? That’s too bad.

    I usually try to say something nice, so here’s two things:

    1)Jill with the awful voice is surprisingly pretty from the pictures I see. And she’s 48!
    2)As a 40-year-old male, I always enjoy boob discussions.

  6. That chick and her assistant are annoying.

  7. I see a future with Lynette, SWT and Jill as a trio. They could have a female version of The Big 3 where Jill is Perry.

  8. Fantastic episode! Bring Jill back again soon!

  9. It’s too bad SWT wasn’t in on this breast episode. She sets the chestmark on breasts.
    If the bra fitter signed an affidavit to Lynette’s 34G bra size, I would feel confident that a jury would convict her of perjury.

  10. Lynette, You do not need Jill as a friend- You are wayyyy too nice and good a person to surround yourself with that kind of person. She sounds shallow and self-absorbed to ever be a good girlfriend to you. She’d be the sassy friend “Malen” you want to keep Natalia away from! Don’t do it! 😉

    Anyway, love the show and you guys are fun to listen to.

  11. Please no more Housewives! This woman is an fame whore with nothing interesting to say. Didn’t bother listening because she was painful to listen to on Adam’s show. Deleted this show from and slept better for it. She may be a friend of Lynette’s, but please spare the rest of us. Love Lynette and SWT and the show otherwise.

  12. Alyssa GF says:

    I loved today’s show! But I love all the trashy reality, Housewives shows too. So, I guess I may not have the most discerning taste.

  13. windtrix says:

    Jill is one of the most obnoxious people on earth. She really makes me gag with her constant self promotion and ignorance. I am sad to say that my high regard for you and your show has diminished with your association with her.

  14. Oh Come on people, Jill Zarin is enetertaining and her assistant is lovely!

  15. BrownsFan says:

    Please Gary, take down that disgusting picture of Mosellout and delete Jill’s mention of that scumbag relative of hers from the show.

    If you’re too young to know why, ask Adam, or anyone from Cleveland over the age of two… 🙂

    • Young I may be, but this one I know. Had to leave it in but go back and listen to my reaction, I was only barely able to hold back.

  16. Listener001 says:

    An hour of Jill Zarin? Really? And she has an *assistant*??
    This woman is famous for what exactly?

    Please get some better guests who have something interesting to say.
    The housewives stuff is really boring now.
    Why don’t you get that parenting author, Betsy Brown, back in?
    Why don’t you get that nutritionist back in to talk about healthy eating for women?
    How about a book discussion, or a discussion of current events?

    Do people really want to hear Jill Zarin gossip about Bethenny for an hour?

    Also, enough with the constant rehashing of what Adam says, what Adam thinks, what happenend to Adam on the apprentice, when Adam takes a crap…If I want to hear about that I’ll listen to his show.

    • Agree. Didn’t you used to have a seperate podcast devoted soley to this reality show trash? I can appreciate that some people are fans of it, but you’re turning the rest of us parents off who would rather hear about parenting topics. Missed Stefanie terribly and hope she won’t be too busy if she gets her TV show. Maybe if that happens try to get Teresa back? She might have time now. I don’t know why I had to waste an hour of my life listening to some nobody who thinks she’s famous yakking about how she “wants to now spend her time on her jewelry line”. Ugh. Thank God these people fade into obscurity after a few months.

  17. Terrible guest. There was no interview/conversation there – only Jill yammering on about herself for an hour.

    I agree, you guys need a new theme song.

    Otherwise, I am a fan and love listening to the podcast! (just not this one.)

    • I love the theme song! I have to know…is it the Bangles? They were one of my fave groups back in the day. Any of them have kids? Perhaps one of them could be a guest! I’ve met them back in the 80s and all very sweet ladies.

  18. Painful. I actually couldn’t make it all the way through.

    She was actually entertaining on Ace’s show only because they were taking the piss out of her, and she was too stupid to know it.

  19. I enjoyed the episode; it was like getting drinks or coffee with the girls.

  20. This was painful.

    She is fetching her publicist to get springsteen tickets? (big fan i am sure.)

  21. never, ever again. i listened to adam’s show, couldn’t take it with this awful, self involved woman, even though they were ripping on her and she didn’t know it.

    you seemed to like her. were nice to her. i just can’t take her. she’s me-me-me all the time. she talks as if people know and care what her little pittlyassed issues are. maybe she comes across differently in person, but on the podcast she is nothing but a recipe for a headache.

    pleeeeze, keep it classy you guys!

    joy (faithful listener)

  22. I don’t ever need to hear that vapid woman say anything ever again.

  23. inside the meetings not ehhtwer you attended meetings.Sure Ramona has drinks. So does just about every housewfe in every version Vicki, Tamra, Gretchen, NeNe, Kim, Jacq, Teresa so what? Whenever Teresa ever launches her wine I’ll bet she’ll be screaming for chianti too. They never know what the producers will air so the casts probably over talk their products.I am not saying that Jill or Ramona does or did have a drinking problem. My concern is if Jill ever has sought help for a problem,she certainly is not in recovery . Nor has she learned any of the positive lessons for living a healthy emotional life that recovery programs teach. Jill spends a huge amount of time scheming, taking people’s inventory, gossiping, leaking horrible rumors and issuing fatwahs on her co-workers. All publicly on tv, facebook and on twitter.All of the above activities are incredibly damaging to others and poisonous to Jill herself. She is one angry woman with flexible ethics..In rehab she would be voted Queen Baby by her group.

  24. NO ONE deserves to have such a taeiclde topic as possible rehabilitation brought up on national television!! This is so outrageous, that I’m shocked it has been allowed to reach this level of press and coverage. Jill Zarin should be applauded for the way that she has been handling the reaction to this news if you didn’t see the original video of Ramona outing Jill, you can see it at .

  25. 1) I want to know who the NY Giants player is they’re talking about.
    2) Wish there was a video of Jill showing her boobs.
    3) Didn’t know Lynette was a 34G.

  26. South Mountain Girl says:

    I’m sorry, but I agree with most of you re: Jill Zarin. One of the most obnoxious, self-serving “personalities” on reality TV. Glad she won’t be coming back to RHONY. This is already more time and print than she deserves.

    • I have called those live call-in shows berfoe (not Andy’s) but one of those that gives financial advice and they ask all kinds of questions berfoehand to see if you are the type person they want on air. This particular show was a satellite radio show. Of course I was just *funnin* them .tee hee, but I had broken a few body parts healing and was home alone and bored and had nothing better to do so decided to give it a whirl. I was lying of course, when I first called and they asked me what my reason was for calling. Well I sorta kinda wasn’t truly lying all of the way but was sorta kinda telling some truth because some of what I told them sorta kinda did happen. My sister in law had died 10 years prior and in her will had left everything to her husband (they had no children). She also asked in the will that when her husband died if half of everything he owned would please go to her Mother and if she was not living then to her brother (my husband). Her husband wrote his will so that her wishes were granted. Who the hell knew that they had a $3.1 million estate!!!!!!! Holy christ!!! All those years we thought they were bumbling rednecks like the rest of us ..lol Anyway, I explained that to the guy who interviewed me but tried to sound like some dumbass redneck..hahaha who just fell off the turnip truck and they were stumbling over their feet to keep me on the line and find out as much information about me as they could. I was having grand time teasing them. They asked me if I had an IRA or a Roth, etc and of course I pretended like I never heard of one and had the best time playing along with them. They kept asking if I could stay on the line and would I mind if I was the last caller of the day, that they wanted to clear time for me at the end of the show (I cannot believe they fell for my crap I guess my bumbling hillbilly accent grabbed them) and I told them I didn’t mind at all. They even told me they would be happy to get me in touch with financial advisers in my area who would be more than happy to actually come to my home and help me with any and every question I might have about investing. I, of course made my usual jokes about the Deliverance (the movie) references hahaha..you know the old jokes about banjo music and seeing albino looking people sitting on porches and lots of yard dogs hahaha All and all it was a good day. Alas, then I used my old excuse about the perils of having a BUD (big ugly dish) in the middle of a cow pasture and the cows rubbing their asses on it to scratch and kept saying yer fadin out I can barely hear ya this darn satellite dish the cows rub their asses on the dish and knock it out of alignment then I fade away. As far as the will of the brother in law went .yup you guessed it a kajillion relatives came out from under every rock in the state and are fighting like wild dogs in court..hahaha and it is fun to watch ..I am loving it. And that is what I love about the south. We could be our own Reality Show haha

  27. love, love, love your show…jill zarin is such an attention whore. most annoying guest ever…such a blow hard….please don’t waste your time on her.

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