Happy Fourth!

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Lynette and Stef open the show this week by catching up on a little Real Housewives talk. Then Stef shares her story about the time her and Jon almost broke up over a clear miscalculation on Stefanie’s part while they were on vacation. This leads into a discussion on summer camp plans for the kids. After that they take a few Facebook questions, and as the show wraps up Stefanie brings the girls into the studio to ask them a few questions.

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  1. Stephanie says:

    I am turning 30, do not have children, and I LOVE you gals! So fun and spunky.

  2. I love the housewives talk fuck the haters

  3. Great show ladies! I’d much rather listen to you two talk about Real Housewives than watch the actual show! Stefanie, your girls are so cute!

  4. You made my eyes leak! STW- your girls singing songs from Frozen was so sweet. Elbie (spelling?) speaks so well for her age and to hear your younger twins speak literally melts your heart.

    I totally think an episode for questions answered by the kiddos (Sonny, Natalia, Elbie, Sadie and Maddie) would be very fun.

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