For Crying Out Loud: Susan Pinsky & Dr. Drew


Dr. Drew and Susan Pinsky and FamilyAt the top of the show, Lynette and Stefanie compliment today’s guest Susan Pinsky on her ‘passionate’ husband and sense of fashion. Susan discusses when she and Dr. Drew met, and also how she’s dealing with the empty nest now that her kids are in college. The girls then take a call from Dr. Drew, who talks about a recent guest on his show, and comments on the Demi Moore’s situation. Susan also talks about going to family therapy when the kids were growing up, and how Dr. Drew deals with his workaholic syndrome.

Later in the show, the girls listen to the Demi Moore 911 call, and Lynette recalls her own exchange with the police. Susan also talks about what it’s like living with such an influential and powerful doctor, and the girls talk about some celebrity interactions the couple has had. As the show wraps up, the girls discuss the problems with addicts, American Idol, and which TV shows Susan and Dr. Drew watch at home.



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  1. Mareike Kuypers says:

    I have to assume that Adam isn’t actually hurt by Natalia’s rejections and it’s more of a game in your family or you wouldn’t be giving Natalia so much attention for rejecting her dad. I listened to this show and then Adam’s. Sure it was entertaining to listen to Adam asking Natalia what she would do when he kissed her and who her boyfriend was. It was fun because they both seemed to be having fun. If there is a real concern I’m sure your friend Drew would tell you that type of exchange (on the air no less) is counterproductive.

    • Plus, she is the one who is willing to do all the wild and crazy physical play with him while Sonny politely says no thank you… She’s probably enjoying Adam in her own way!

  2. Vancouver Scott says:

    Little bit of hit-n-miss humor, sprinkled with some interrupting and talking over the guest….little chardonnay in the sippy cup before the show today Stef?

  3. Did not enjoy the show

  4. Great show. My only constructive criticism is in regards to the commercial live read transitions. They are a little rough and seem out of place. Making those transitions smoother would make the show perfect. ACS is a good example to follow. Thanks for the free shows.

  5. bodybuilder says:

    Susan Pinsky = total snob

  6. I just ordered flowers for myself (V-day)…not going to wait for it….I’ll buy it myself. I did use the “outloud” code on the microphone.

  7. Why is she a guest on the show? Only because she’s Drews wife? Seems kind of lame. She was obviously irritated when they started to talk about Demi Moore. It was more interesting..sorry.

    • Loved both times she was on, myself! Love hearing her side of her and Drew’s marriage, after listening to him for years and years. He always seems so in control, it’s interesting to hear how chaotic things really were back when the kids were young. Would love to hear more from her!

  8. Note to PRODUCER: Could you shorten the stupid intro? You really don’t have to play the whole entire song. It’s really annoying.

    • Katie I play the song that long because that’s what Stefanie and Lynette have asked me to do. I’m sorry if it bothers you, the song plays the same amount of time every show so you can pretty easily fast forward past it. Thanks for listening.

      -Producer Gary

    • I kinda like that song, actually.

  9. shirley baker says:

    would you post your phone number to your website for callers to call in

  10. Gary, you are an awesome addition to the show. Can you reign them in a bit….with all the interrupting it is starting to resemble The View?

  11. I have been listening to your show since the re-branding, and I have really enjoyed it. I love hearing Lynette’s perspective on Adam’s stories/complaints/arguments. I could live without the reality tv talk, but everything else is solid. The show is a little more loosey-goosey than Adam’s, but I don’t demand perfection out of a free product from non-broadcast professionals.

    Keep up the good work and I hope the show sticks around in its current incarnation.

  12. Thank you for having Susan Pinsky on! She is a great guest. I had asked a few months ago via fb if you could have her as a guest. She was very forthcoming about the transition into empty nest. Ladies you do a wonderful job, keep it up!

  13. Another great show! I’ve been a listener since the very beginning – I love Producer Gary being more a part of the show, adds a great perspective. The Steven Tyler topic was hilarious – and “Dream On” as a closing song was spot on!
    Wish you didn’t have to do the extended, painful ads for the sponsors – although I understand you kindof have to!
    And in response to the above comment – I want MORE reality tv talk! Keep up the GREAT podcast, and MORE clips from Dr. Laura!!!!!!

  14. love the show…it’s like warm pie

  15. I agree with Christie–MORE reality tv talk (i.e. RHW). I miss Kathy but Gary seems like a great guy–keep up the good work!

  16. It was funny hearinging Mrs. Drew cracking the whip on Dr. Drew after he invited Lynette to dinner on such short notice… “Drew…..”

  17. I absolutely LOVE you guys!!! I have a 2 hour drive to and from school 4 days a week and you guys make the drive super awesome! I got a twitter but I can’t use it because I just cannot figure it out lol, could you help me with some instruction? Also Stefani, did you notice how my name is spelled? haha. I love the humor, I LOVE the tv talk, Jersey Shore, RHW, all of it! And especially the husband talk, I am newly married so it helps me when I am frustrated! Thanks for the great show 🙂 xoxo

  18. Love the new format and listen every week. I think it is bad to assume that everyone who listens it interested in hearing your take on mindless reality shows. Your show it quite entertaining but stooping to commenting on TV seems like a major step down, you women are too good for this and too smart!

    • I hope you have Mimi’s email or can let her know about this site, she was such a believer in Drew’s aitliibes. Mimi if and when you see this, you are missed and THANKS for being such a blessing in our lives. You have truly found your calling, you always push the kids to do all that you know they CAN do! GOD BLESS you!!!

  19. Hoopermazing says:

    Dr. Drew, Mrs. Drew. I would like to prolapse the anus of your daughter.

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