For Crying Out Loud: Kathleen Wilhoite


Kathleen WilhoiteToday’s guest is musician and friend of Stefanie, Kathleen Wilhoite. The girls open the show chatting about the increasingly large percentage of moms who use pills or booze to cope with their problems. They also talk about Valentine’s Day, and wonder when the holiday became about giving their kids more gifts. Lynette also talks about a lice epidemic at the school, and discusses her Valentine’s Day with Adam.

In the second half of the show, Lynette and Stefanie talk with Kathleen about her career as both a musician and an actress. Kathleen plays a new song, and Lynette considers going to Europe to see Bruce Springsteen. Later, the girls talk about bratty kids who expect adults to carry out tasks they are perfectly capable of handling. As the show wraps up, Kathleen plays another lovely song.



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  1. Great, great show. Really looking forward to it

  2. The second I heard this lady’s voice, she sounded familiar. As soon as she said she was in Private School, I knew exactly who it was – Betsy! I guess she’s not still with Bubba Beauregard?

    Great episode – loved the song, and a nice discussion about kids and responsibility.

  3. Wow Lynette – at the end of the podcast you really sounded rude – sort of like you were bored doing your own podcast and wanted to go do what you do best – watch TV – while some Guatemalan raises your kids.

  4. Heather says:

    Kathleen didnt mention her role on Gilmore Girls as “Liz Danes.” Sounds like her music could have been on GG too!! Love her!

  5. She’s the voice of Pepper Anne! Everytime I see or hear her that’s the first thing that comes to mind. I Love the show! 🙂

  6. Love the show.. .now for the criticism 🙂
    Lynette is my favorite host on this network and I love Stephanie. I only listened to the first half, but I feel Lynette stepped over the guest speaking more than usual. Usually this is fine but I felt it happened right in the middle of Kathleen’s sentences, made me uncomfortable. Also, can the commercials come at the beginning and end of episode only? Kinda interrupts the flow even though Lynette and Stef try to integrate it.

    Anyway, any more Celebrity Apprentice / reality show themed episodes coming up? I really want to hear behind the scenes stuff for Apprentice. Will Adam get to show off his boxing skills anytime during the show? I was happy to see he got to show when he handled the construction of the recent episode.

    • The commercials come in the middle of the show precisely so you ARE interrupted. They don’t want you to be able to skip through them so easily.

  7. Please, Please, PLEEEASE shorten the length of the intro song. I think it could be slightly more tolerable in a much smaller dose.

    • If you have the Adam Carolla App, just hit the +30sec FF button twice and BOOM, beginning of the show. I hate the song too.

  8. Totally relate to trying to get kids to DO THINGS THEMSELVES! It’s so easy to fall back into doing things for them because, actually, it IS easier and things get done faster. LOL about the older kids still not tying shoes! And completely agree with Stefanie that it’s due to all those velcro shoes. I vowed not to be the parent that bought velcro shoes (thought they were ugly anyway) and always bought my son the cute laced ones. Patted myself on the back when he was able to crudely and loosely tie them himself in preschool. Two years later….still could only tie them crudely and loosely, sigh. Always coming undone. Don’t know what I did wrong with that. I started buying those slip-ons like Vans and my goodness, it’s so easy for him to just slip them on and go and never worry about them that I’m sad to say he’s now almost 9 and has not had to tie shoes for 3 years and has probably forgotten. Oops. But anyway, thinking about it realistically in today’s world, you can probably get through life without needing to buy tie shoes! Those slip ons are everywhere!

  9. Alyssa GF says:

    I really liked this episode and Kathleen was so fun and nice. I wish she would have talked about her Gilmore Girls days!

  10. what a voice on this girl!

    i hope this podcast appearance brings more fans to her LA shows. good call stephanie.

    yep, remember her from “ER” very well, too.

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