For Crying Out Loud: Jillian Lauren

Jillian LaurenAs the show opens up, Stefanie discusses the new theme song for the show. The girls are also joined by Jillian Lauren, who talks about meeting her future husband Scott at a bowling alley. She’s recently published a book about her experience being part of a harem in Brunei, but first she tells the girls about how she got there. The girls discuss what it was like working in a strip club, moving up to escort service, and some of the scary situations she found her self in.

Later, the girls talk more about the experience living in a harem for the price of Brunei. Jillian explains what the set up was like, and expresses some of her feelings for the prince. Although she lived there on and off for a year and a half, she ultimately returned to the States where she went to beauty school and worked on adopting a newborn from Ethiopia. As the show wraps up, the girls talk about healing the pain of a child, and Jillian’s newest novel, Pretty.



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  1. Lynette T. says:

    Great show. Love the new format, ladies. I sure enjoyed it. Keep up the good work. Pod on, Moms!

  2. I loved the discussion you had with Jillian about the adoption of her son. So many times in the media the extremes and misinformation are shoved down our throats, which only perpetuates myths. As a new parent through adoption, I thought this discussion really portrayed the journey many of us go through to become parents.

  3. I LOVED Jillian’s honesty. I immediately bought her first book SOME GIRLS. Soooo interesting.
    I love a women that is not ashamed of her past and proud of the woman she has become.
    I also love the fact that her husband knew about it all and didn’t care.
    He loved her.
    Great Guest!

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