For Crying Out Loud: Jennifer Gimenez

Jennifer GimenezIn this week’s podcast, the girls open the show talking about Lynette’s day at Disneyland with the kids. She happened to be there the same day as Adam’s Occupy Wall Street rant went viral, and expresses her worries that she’s spoiling the kids. Stefanie compliments Lynette on the work she’s done as a mom.

Today’s guest is Jennifer Gimenez, who returns to talk about her experience as the House Mom on Sober House. She also talks about a fun new role she just landed in a new film — her first back since being sober. The girls then discuss Jennifer’s relationship with Brandi Glanville, one of the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. As the show wraps up, the girls talk about Jenn’s dating life, and how she feels being back on the scene again.



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  1. Lynnette, In regards to your Molly, try the BARF diet on her. It’s miraculous. To get started, just get some raw grass fed beef or lamb or wild salmon, about a pound a day of meat and bones for a dog 50 lbs or more. Dogs need very little in the way of other food. They are carnivores and thrive on animal protein. Not as expensive as visits to the vet. My Molly (a portuguese Water Dog) was going blind and had bumps all over and her hair was turning grey. Within 2-3 days I and my extremely scepticle family saw great improvement!!! Her hair turned black again and her eyes stopped seeping green gunk. I had been taking her back and forth to the vet for the seeping eye problem but none of the medicine worked. Next was surgery but on the BARF diet she was completely cured. Her fur is as soft as when she was a puppy.

  2. Hey ladies,
    love the show. Big fan from the very beginning.
    I needed to address the” Disneyland- Wheelchair” comment that Stefanie made.
    I am one of those people that you see at Disneyland in a wheelchair that pops right up out of my chair for many different reasons.
    I suffer from a terribly debilitating inner ear/vestibular (balance) disorder.
    I have many bouts of vertigo/loss of balance/drop attacks since have my balance nerve destroyed.
    I can walk no problem but have attacks throughout the day where I cannot walk or hold my head upright. I have 3 small children and a husband that must take us everywhere we go. I sometimes even push my own wheelchair for balance while walking.
    While I totally agree thay many people abuse this, please know that all disabilities are not “seen”.
    This is a constant battle of nasty stares I get from others in public.
    I want to scream out loud “I have Meniere’s disease.”
    You cannot see my disability.
    Thanks for listening.

    • I can so relate to you! I too have used wheelchairs when out at entertainment parks and like you, you can’t see what I have. I live with RSD which affects our Sympathetic Nervous System. There are many symptoms one with RSD deals with but the main one is pain. Lots of it!! I usually use my cane when out in public, for 2 reasons…. 1. To help me with balance of course and 2. To give strangers a visual cue so they can keep their distance, especially their children but when I know I’m going to be out for a long period of time, that there’s going to be a lot of walking involved, that’s when I rent the wheelchair. Because you can’t see my disability, I too get the unkind stares. And like you, I just want to scream out at ppl…. “I have RSD”, “I’m in this chair because it hurts to walk”. I wish ppl would think twice before giving those stares or before making comments that we sometimes overhear. I would never wish this on anyone but ppl need to be mindful that one day, they too could find themselves on the receiving end. Best wishes to you and yours Ahlea. Keeping you in my thoughts. Take care…. <3

      • Me too, I have Multiple Sclerosis and need a wheelchair for every day now, but back when I was still mobile, but tired easily I got a wheelchair at Disney. I brought a letter from my neurologist to guest relations and was able to get a pass. It was a huge help, but you couldn’t take 10 people with you, it was just my immediate family (husband and kids). Invisible disabilities suck!

  3. It’s a shame in our soceity how a woman can be successful,self sufficient in all areas-but if she’s single-she’s made to feel as if something is wrong with her. That she’s incomplete. Which is the feeling I got from one of the interviewers response to Jennifer’s single status. “Your single??? WHY???” I thought it was pathetic how for the tail end of the interview the main focus was of just that.
    Woman (&men) should be made to feel empowered if they are single. Not put on the spot &questioned as if they are a freak. I felt that overshadowed the interview. Finding her a man!!!!! Are we in junior high? Yes. Let’s focus on that trite fact-as opposed to 47 other valid unmentioned topics that could have been touched on.
    I’ve been a fan of Jennifer’s since Sober House,&feel she is a beautiful inspirational woman. One day she’ll find that perfect someone-&I wish her luck in her journey of doing so….but until then- It’s ok to be single!!!!!!!

  4. Jennifer Gimenez was a very enjoyable guest. She should become a regular.

  5. Good grief. Ladies, I love the show, please don’t let people’s complaints stifle your thoughts/comments! That is usually the best and funniest parts of your show! People need to lighten up. Phew.

    You both are hilarious, and I like the cussing, and non-PC talk.

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