For Crying Out Loud: David Wild


Jennifer HudsonWelcome to a special edition Grammy episode of For Crying Out Loud, featuring Lynette Carolla and David Wild. Lynette talks about getting to go to the Grammy rehearsals, and how cool it was to see Bruce Springsteen rehearsing his set. David describes the awards show as a big musical family reunion, and talks about how Whitney Houston’s death affected a lot of the show at the very last minute.

Later they break down some of the specific musical acts, and Lynette inquires why certain musicians were paired with others. They also wonder what the heck happened during Nicki Minaj’s set, and why Paul McCartney decided to switch up the final number. As the show wraps up, they discuss the tributes to Whitney and Amy Winehouse, and Lynette thanks David for doing such a great job with the show.



Watch the performance of Swagger Like Us at the Grammys

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  1. Great show as always. Love behind the scenes stuff. I was worried you were gonna talk shit about Katy Perry, haha.

    It’s going to KILL me to not know what lame performance you guys were talking about though!

  2. That Nicki Minaj performance freaked my son out too! WTF…. shouldn’t my 8 year be able to enjoy the grammy’s too? That was not cool.

  3. while i do love lynette and stefanie together, it was good to hear lynette solo again, you’ve gotten really good at it! this was a very interesting show, i like david wild as a guest on both podcasts. my only question is why no talk of Chris Brown and the decision to let him perform? that was a sour spot on an otherwise exceptional year for the grammys. now that the police report was released we know how vicious that beat-down was on rihanna and in my opinion, it’s unforgivable. the music industry should not be showcasing this average (at best) talent after what he did.

  4. Such a great guest. Humble, very smart and with so many stories.

    • mojojojo July 28, 2011 I’ve read Kate’s blog pllrodicaiey and I find her humorous. So the following is not meant to be nasty or cruel at all. Just objective Kate, you better get a good hobby that you really enjoy (if you don’t already have one). And maybe a long-life breed of cat or a dog, too. Cuz chances are, you’re going to remain single.Believe me, I know. As a midlifer I’ve got quite a few friends (guys admittedly) that are very much like you This one’s too old (& creepy) This one’s too young (& virgin) This one’s too short (& lumpy) This one’s too tall (& skinny) This one’s too naked (& spontaneous) This one’s too PERFECT (& perfect) And they’re all STILL single. And will likely stay that way. Which is OK, if that’s what you really want. Not my business. But I’m just sayin’.If I weren’t off the market, I’d be happy to date you, if only to see what horror story you’d write about me. (I figure somewhere in the world there’s always a woman telling horror stories about me. Most often my wife )Good luck!

  5. Apparently only comments by sycophants are posted.

    • Yeah, it couldn’t possibly be that most well adjusted normal people don’t listen to something they don’t like just so they can be a snarky ass in the comments.

      Much more likely that it’s the moderators fault….

  6. i’m curious-did you try to say something negative that they didn’t post or are you merely irritated that the comments you see are nice? if you’re calling the positive reviewers “sycophants” then your un-posted comment is probably not worth reading.

  7. I have to tell you that although I do not have children, I love your podcast. Been listening from the very beginning and I always find your guests and subject matter very interesting. I’m a huge fan of Teresa’s so I was sad to see her go. I love Lynette and think she could do the show on her own.

    After listening to the David Wild podcast, I really wanted to comment on how nice it was to not have SWT there. But I didn’t want it to come out wrong or hurt anyone’s feelings, so I didn’t post. But then this morning, after listening to today’s podcast, I heard Gary saying that people were posting how much they missed SWT and I was surprised. While I like Stephanie, I find that she talks too much and talks over the guests and it was a refreshing change to actually have the guest be able to speak so much. David Wild was so interesting and had so much info to convey, that I can’t help but feel that he wouldn’t have been able to say 2/3 of what he said, had Stephanie been there.

    Lynette does a fabulous job, both with or without a co-host. And Stephanie is funny and has worthwhile things to say, I just think that if she is open to constructive critisim, she should let the guest talk more.

    • An Onny says:

      Well, this episode was fine in itself, but I really love the exchange between Lynette and Stefanie. I missed the parent talk. I don’t know why a few people complain about Stefanie talking over people. I notice a few times a few of her comments may have been annoying, but for the most part, I like her chatty style!

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