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Anna LeflerLynette and Stefanie talk about being emotional the last couple of weeks, and revisit the clip from Dr. Laura’s show that they played a couple weeks ago. Stefanie then talks about potty training the kids, which today’s guest Anna hardly remembers now that her kids are entering their teenage years.

Later the girls talk about weight management, and the different types of drugs that mothers are apparently using these days. Anna Lefler talks with them about her own diet, and Lynette admits to eating power bars instead of meals. The girls then look up words in The CHICK-tionary, and quiz Producer Gary on them to see if he knows what they mean.

In the last part of the show, the girls get personal and talk about getting Brazilian waxes vs. shaving. From here, the girls question at what age does it become inappropriate to have your kids shower with you. Anna also talks about her daughter’s incident on the playground, and the group speaks about ‘mean girl’ behavior. As the show wraps up, the girls discuss what life is like for a comedian on the road, and Lynette contemplates flying to Italy to see Bruce Springsteen in concert.



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  1. Hi Ladies,

    Great show as always! I have a suggestion for night time potty training, it worked with my son. The wicking and absorbancy technology on diapers and pull ups is fantastic but it doesn’t allow for kids to feel wet. So at night I had him put on a pair of underwear under the pull up. When would start to urinate he could feel the wetness and wake up and go to the bath room. It took a few months but it was so much less mess than going with out the pull up. May be this will help.

    Keep up great shows!
    Thanks ,

    • A number of years ago, when in NY, sundyitg the world of children, I did a lot of observing of families in a few public spaces, particularly at parks and playgrounds. I clearly remember how surprised and moved I was to see many parents behaving with full sensitivity and admirable caring for the children they had brought there. More than I had expected, based on the past.Granted, going to the park on a sunny day is a more conducive setting for offering a lot of stress-free nurturing to your child, than trying to get errands done in the adult world. Nevertheless, the positive instances did stand out very strongly to me, so much so that I’d love to share one of them here.This one was on a very very crowded, slowly dragging, subway car from Manhattan: A father sat with his 5-ish year old daughter on his lap, every other seat and inch of space full of riders and their belongings. The girl was wanting to play and for lack of space to move other than on her dad, she carefully climbed up to face him, began quietly laughing and animatedly talking to him, seeming to act out parts in some story she was creating. Father was her smiling, absolutely captive audience all the while, following her every word. It went on and on, as the train inched along. I found myself waiting for the backlash: the child to get restless and dad to get embarrassed, short-tempered. But the joy just went on and on, the girl using the occasion to examine her dad’s short thick beard, partially bald head, and checking his ears, both still smiling quietly. At first I was worried it might get tiring for dad, but that quickly changed to amazement at the relaxed and easy relationship they displayed. It affected the whole car: the passengers were captivated, catching the feeling of joy and love and dignity that the tiny family radiated through the whole space.It was a rare gem of a moment, of course, and I remember how well it was absorbed by everyone: no raised eyebrows or snide remarks – everyone just enjoying the gift.It feels good to have these memories to fall back on at trying times ..

  2. Thanks so much for having me on the show, you guys! I had a blast – plus I learned that it’s easier to get through my Brazilian bikini wax if I’m chewing on a peanut butter Balance Bar. *wince*

  3. lizzy paul says:

    Lynnette, I fully gagged when you were talking about the kids drinking your water! yuck! I will not let my little one have any of my beverage unless I am done with it. Ewwwwwwwwww!!!!!

  4. I have never commented on any website ever. But I just had to post a comment and tell you guys how much I love listening every Monday. But what happened to Friday shows? Every Monday and Friday morning I would be excited for my hour commute because I knew I had your show to listen to…. Lynette I was a huge Adam fan before but now I’m a bigger Lynette fan, I think you are awesome. And SWT I love your sick sense of humor. You guys make me feel like I’m in the car with my girlfriends on my way to work. Thanks for being so funny and open and relatable. 🙂

  5. I’ve listened to your show since the very beginning and finally followed you ladies over to the new website… very nice!

    I really like producer Gary and sometimes, while you are all talking, I just imagine what is going through his head and have to laugh.

    I have heard you both make comments about children that are “bad influences”… I’m a stay at home mom and my nearly 6 year old has some behavioral issues. I assure you that I’m consistent and do everything that I can to keep him in line, but I get so discouraged by the judgement that I feel from other parents and even from my own family.

    He is the child that annoys the other children in his class so badly that no one will play with him at recess.. but comes home and tells me “mom, I don’t know how you do it… you get more beautiful every time i see you”.

    Trust me, I get it.. i get why you wouldn’t want your child around a child like mine.. He talks back regularly and is inflexible…

    but I just want you to know that my “bad influence” child is my world and he is loved beyond words.. hopefully someday he will use his powers for good and not evil though. 🙂


  6. This was a really fun and informative episode. You three ‘meshed’ well, I’d love to hear Anna back on a future show!

  7. Gary,

    Please have Lynette upload a photo for her facebook.

  8. Love your show. Two requests. First, I am the same age as Lynette but my body is aging at Stephanie’s age and I am tired of women not talking openly and honestly about the weird stuff that happens beginning in peri-menopause so please talk about that, on occasion. Two, please share more information about the pretty much protein only diet Anna Lefler is following because, like Stephanie, hitting peri-menopause has resulted in a quick and rather upsetting weight gain.

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