F You Brian Williams

The ladies welcome two in show guests this week! Dr Bruce is back in studio from last week continuing with some medical advice talk. Also in studio, the voice of Carolla Digital, Mike Dawson comes in and gets in to some serious Real Housewives talk. Before they wrap, the gang take your fan phone calls!

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  1. Ms Miller says:

    Good show. Loved hearing Dawson talk about the OC Housewives.

  2. sburns2421 says:

    Found Dawson to surprisingly have a “dusting” of blowhard in his collar responses. Maybe he was just trying to keep up…

  3. Love SWT and LC! Love the podcast every week!!!!! But please let Dr.Bruce talk…as moms we would love to hear some of his medical knowledge. Please show him 5% more respect – that would be a huge difference.

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