Endless Summer

Lynette and Stef open the show this week going over the kids summer break and their lack of time to get a work out in. Then a little real housewives talk. After that, Lynette addresses some of the haters out their while Stef backs her up. Before they wrap, the ladies talk a little about Adams new movie Road Hard.

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  1. Daniel Burke says:

    Why do rich ladies start a silly business to make themselves feel useful? Even if you Lynette put 80 hours a week into it..she would still SPEND more as Adam’s wife they she will “earn”. Come on. Someone snap her out it.

  2. Fieldengineer says:

    To Lynette:
    Went on a motorcycle run around Phoenix and picked up the New Times (weekly rag for Rock/entertainment around the Valley of the Sun). Saw a Nils Lofgren article promoting his career. he lives in Scottsdale, AZ. Seems to be a laid back dude.

    Here is the link:

    Was going to send it Old School as the Paper has him on the cover and is a great in-depth piece that the New Times is known for in the Publication world.

    Ask Teresa S. to send you the paper copy as I here she lives up in the Camelback Corridor just west of Scottsdale. I see her on the local ABC affiliate and she is looking like life is treating her well.

    Also, do not take criticism about “advertising” your business venture personally. You live by the sword and you can die by the sword. The beauty of Mass Marketing on the Carolla name also has the downside of Marketing on the Carolla name. Last time I checked – you are 50% of the Carolla Franchise. You are the “silent” partner – so to speak.

    If your business fails to live up to your expectations, then do another. Adam has failed more than he has succeeded (counting numbers of ventures vs. numbers of successes).

    Life is about living. Surround yourself with promoters who are willing to give you sound advice, and then listen to them.

    Steph was attempting to give you another view on your concerns about “criticism” and she was in your corner. Gary is an “employee” who’s opinion is rated by his employer, therefore not a credible person to ask ( this is not knocking Gary).

    Anyway, say hello to Nils and his wife as he sounds like a “cool” dude.

    God Bless and Take Careful.

  3. This show was kinda awkward to listen to today with the arguing! I’m kinda on Lynette’s side on this one; she does talk about Rodan and Fields on most shows, but she only talks about it for a minute or two HOWEVER…..she can talk about whatever she wants to! Just like Stefanie can talk about her book, and ask people to buy her books on Amazon.

  4. Wow,love this podcast.So Lynette got really upset when she was acused of trying to promote her business too much and Stephanie just was throwing fuel on the fire by saying she was mentioning it too much.My opinion is “who cares?!”If you have a business or book promote it! That is the name of the game.If you don’t like it get over it.And then you could tell they were both pissed when Lynette ended the show early and Stephanie barely said “don’t F it up” Love it,2 head strong women both trying to run the show.Anyways I always look forward to listening every week even with all the promotions.:)

    • Yes, it’s their podcast, why not use it to promote their businesses? We’re getting it for free, we can stand to hear about what they’re doing that makes them money. It was a little funny though how Stefanie was trying to be fair by pointing out that Lynette did talk about it on every episode and on her Facebook… yet Stefanie also talks about her book(s) just as much if not more! And asks for help writing her book just as Lynette asks for help marketing her beauty products. It’s all fine by me, and I can’t say I find any of it annoying…who ARE these people that do??

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