Call Me Maybe

Lynette and Stefanie open up the show this week with the troubles they’ve been having lately in putting the kids to sleep at night. Then they discuss their thoughts on the Georgia father who left his son in the hot car all day while sexting multiple women. Later, they dive into some great Facebook questions from the fans. Before they wrap, Lynette and Stef take some fan phone calls.

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  1. I’m not sure what the Jules Dash joke is but it must be a good one since Lynette has made a point of it both on Instagram and on the show without explanation.

    But let’s PLEASE stop calling androgynous people “he she whatever it”. It’s insulting, devaluing, and not funny. A person who looks androgynous, or who is expressing a gender that is not stereotypical, is one of these things:
    – naturally androgynous
    – exploring gender expression
    – exploring gender identity

    None of those things are funny or adopted for the amusement of others, or inviting someone to call a human being “it” or “he/she”. Why use the podcast platform to mock a woman as smart, accomplished, and, frankly, as nice as Rachel Maddow? (And hypocrytical, since Lynette complains so much about other moms who are nosy, in-your-business, judgmental, and not letting everyone do whatever they want.)

    BUT. To make a joke like that next to the mother of a child expressing gender non-stereotypically is unthinkable and I commend Stephanie for keeping it together. Lynette, your obliviousness speaks of terrible misinformation and I KNOW it’s not intentional. Every child and person who looks like a “she/he” to you has a mother who loves them and whose heart breaks that her child is mocked and laughed at, despite their accomplishments and despite of who they are.

    The proper noun for a person whose gender we can’t discern and who hasn’t told us yet what they would like to be called is “they”. As in, “They were on the show.” or “I gave the book to them.” It can be a little odd to call a singular person by a plural noun, which is why it’s even better to just call them by their name.

    This is one blip in an otherwise great show, which I enjoy very much and to which I’ve listened for a very long time 🙂

  2. Stefanie,

    Just to clarify your comment on guy who left his kid in the car. You can “clear” your computer history in your browser, but there is a record of places you visit. Google tracks everything. It’s child’s play to find out what you did 5 years ago. Not to mention those freaks at the NSA.


  3. Stefanie! I’m shocked that you’re letting your kids kick you off your OWN computer! My computer is my own – my kid knows not to even ask. Kids can mess up all sorts of stuff on it. I thought yours had their own devices as it is. Get a cheap computer for them and make them share. Adult stuff is hands off. Kids need to know they don’t get a say in everything that goes on.

  4. I would love to chat Real Housewives drama- but I am not on Facebook. I’m on Twitter and Instagram, Could the phone number for calling in be placed on the twitter account the same as it is for Facebook? Thank you, love you!

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